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Poster: Jim F Date: Feb 25, 2012 12:05am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 3/26/72 SBD out, sort of

I'm right on board with you on 3/25...I really wish we would see a complete-as-possible source for that one. At the least, if anything a full sbd of the Bo Diddley set. The Hanno aud is just a mess, but the "Moore" source (Jerry wasn't taping yet in March 72, was he?) is highly listenable. A shame it isn't complete. This run has always had it's troubles and has taken a long time to circulate as complete as it currently does. I remember when these shows were these seemingly unattainable setlists in my Deadbase that just sat there waiting to be marked with a high-liter. I don't think I'd have ever believed I would finally have as much of these shows as I do now, and for that I'm grateful.

I'm a big fan of the jams from late 71, I've always felt this run is really the bridge connecting what they'd been doing in the Fall with the amazing shit to come in Europe and beyond into the Fall of 72. I love the all-too-brief hybrid Dead featuring both Keith and Pigpen.

As for 3/26, yeah, it ain't perfect, but I don't really find the mix to be too big of a problem. It is a little too Bobby-heavy, and like most recordings from the era, I really wish they'd have dialed Pig's organ in a little higher now and then (I love that "new" aud from Pig's final show, it's like 68 style Pig in the "mix"). That was a nice thing about the Europe box, they took some effort to bring him up a bit now and then. Pig was still often playing some nice organ during that era, unfortunately we just rarely ever hear it.

re: 3/28 Other One
You know, I'm really not even sure now what it was that made me feel that it wasn't above average. I wouldn't say I didn't care for it, I just don't recall finding it all that exciting. I'm actually curious myself now, because it's probably been a good 2 years since I last listened to it (I admittedly don't listen to this run nearly as much as I should...there's some good sized chunks of first sets that I still haven't even listened to...I'm not proud of that). It might just be one of those things...I should put it on now, I'll probably come back and say it was the greatest Other One of the year. I dunno, the only disc I ever play from that DP is the first one with the Bo Diddley stuff.

I also have to admit that I haven't listened to all of 3/26 far I've only listened to the second set. Overall I've been in this approach for a number of years now where I don't really listen to much shorter songs and first sets. I tend to just go for the jams. I've been trying to work on that, though. I've started putting full shows from various bands on my portable player and listening on headphones while at work (looking forward to giving the recent Phil shows a listen on Sunday). Though I have to leave one ear open so I can only put in one earbud. It's making me listen to more AUDs, which work better if you're only listening in one ear. Sometimes I convert to mono for board tapes. It's not the ideal listening method, but considering I am at work it certainly beats no music. Can't go wrong getting paid to listen to Grateful Dead music.

Anyway, that was a mouthful, I didn't intend to ramble so much here. But I haven't been very active on the forum in a while, guess I'm due up. At any rate, before I head off for the night I might turn off 2/22/69 and throw on that Other One from 3/28/72 real quick...

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Poster: light into ashes Date: Feb 25, 2012 1:41am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 3/26/72 SBD out, sort of

There's no shame in just listening to the jams! Many of those first-set '72 songs are pretty much interchangeable from night to night. (And this run in general, I think pales next to E72 shows.)
On 3/26 Playing is just wild, though, with great wah-wah climaxes, and Good Lovin' choogles full speed ahead!

Basically Jerry's the lowest in the 3/26 MP3 mix; bass & drums are right up-front, Pigpen can be heard, and Keith's actually louder than on any of the other Academy of Music SBDs, I think. Plus it's mono! (Of course, when you listen in just one ear, not such a big deal...)

The "Moore" source of 3/25 is actually the exact same source tape as Hanno's set II, it's just the copy Moore got - the transfer sounds a little different, but I'm not sure it's hugely better to my ears. (More 'dry,' perhaps.) It is, though, the most listenable AUD of this run by far. (The Dead set, that is; the Bo Diddley set sounds much worse, I think that was a different taper.)
Some of those AUDs are pretty painful! With all the tapers that were in New York, and all the nights, you'd think they could do better....

The reason this run never circulated is because it was part of the Betty Boards that did NOT go to traders who copied & seeded them - the guy who bought this set of reels wanted no one to have them (or, to be precise, he wanted a million dollars), and copies ended up going back to the Vault after Rob Eaton restored them. Which is why Miller, though he has Eaton's DATs, does not have permission to release more of them. I guess we're lucky enough that, due to the efforts of Gans and Miller, we have full copies of two of the shows (plus the released 28th).

With the 3/28 Other One, I would pay particular attention to the part from about 5-15 minutes...